A Lincoln Style
A Visit With the Lincolns
Harvest Ball
Lansing, Michigan
Christmas Ball
Ypsilanti, Michigan
Lincolns with the Lincolns
Plymouth Museum
Plymouth, Michigan
Abraham Lincoln
is, perhaps, the most revered Chief Executive this nation has ever had. His wife, Mary, is
the most maligned First Lady we have had in this great country.  A visit with the
Lincolns will dispel some of the myths about this Presidential couple. You will learn
about their youth as well as their grown up lives as parents of four boys, two of whom
preceded Abraham in death. Hear about their stormy courtship and great love for each
other and for their country. Share the sadness they felt when their son, Willie, died in the
White House at age eleven.  Experience the frustration of Mr. Lincoln, as general after
general does not get the job done in winning the war against the rebels in the South. Go
shopping with Mary as she grieves over her lost son. Feel inspired by the Lincolns as
they speak of honesty, integrity, patriotism and duty to one’s country.

Fred and Bonnie Priebe, listed in the current Touring Arts Directory of the Michigan
Humanities Council, have been presenting the Lincolns in first person since 1996. Their
travels have taken them as far east as Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; as far west as
Minneapolis; as far north as Negaunee, Michigan; and as far south as Andersonville,
Georgia. Internationally, they have presented the Lincolns in Canada, England, Australia
and France. Audiences of all ages, sizes and types have heard and seen them portray the
sixteenth president and First Lady.

Their program is 45-50 minutes long followed by questions and answers in the first
person. They may be reached at Box 343, Belleville, MI 48112-0343.

We are offering a 90-minute program, Lincoln and Douglas - Live!, which sets the background
for the debates, a one-hour cutting of the actual words of Lincoln and Douglas, a concluding statement
regarding the result of the debates, and a question and answer period in which the audience may ask
questions of Lincoln and Douglas.

This program will refresh our memories of how different attitudes were with regard to slavery and the
so-called black race before the Civil War. Very few people have actually read the text of the debates,
knowing only that they somehow dealt with the issue of slavery in America in the 1850's. The words of
Lincoln and Douglas may shock you.

Lincoln and Douglas - Live! is available for high school, college and other adult audiences
beginning in March of 2008. Contact us now to book this program for your school or organization.
If you missed the re-creation of the speech Abraham Lincoln made in
Kalamazoo, Michigan in August of 1856, click on the following link; then click
on the picture on the right hand side of the page. The speech runs about
twenty minutes. Go to
The Lincolns with President Ford at Gerald R.
Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, MI
Lincoln with friends in Monroe, MI
President Lincoln with his aides, Captain
Batzloff and Colonel Clayton at Civil War
Muster in Jackson, MI
Mary Lincoln and her little friends in Milford, MI
gathered at the
Lincoln Memorial
April 18, 2009